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The St James's Montefiore Cricket Club 200 Club is one of the major fundraising vehicles for the club. It has been running since the mid 1980’s when the club first found its way to the current ground. It has grown over the years from less than 100 numbers to the current figure of around 250 numbers. The cost is £1.00 per month per number and for that you get a chance of winning one of the three monthly prizes of £25.00, £15.00 or £10.00. There is also a ‘major prize’ of £250.00 drawn once a year, normally at the ‘men's dinner’ at the end of March.

The 200 Club contributes over £2000.00 a year to club funds and its continued success is down to the growing membership but it could always be better! There are a number of people who hold 5 or more numbers (costing them £5.00 per month or a pint and a half) and they give themselves more opportunities to win one of the prizes.

To join the 200 Club you need to complete a standing order authority and send it to the 200 Club secretary Barry Green. .... download the standing order authority here.

200 Club

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